Teaching kids to treat helpers well

I witnessed a 5-year-old girl kicking her maid when she didn't get to have the lolly she was asking for. This happened in the MRT. This raised concerns in my mind (what if my kids one day do that to my helper too?) How can we teach our kids to treat our helpers well? #maids #fdw #helper

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Firstly, you should be treating ur maid well, like ur peer and not a surbodinate - at least not too much. Get the children to know that they must listen to the maid because she is an adult who is helping mummy and daddy look after them and if they misbehave mummy and daddy will cane them - it is best that this is repeatedly told to bothe the children and maid with both parties around. Also let ur maid know her limits when helping u parent ur child. Avoid severe words and actions towards ur maid infront of ur child because the child will learn. The rest is about being good boys and girls behavior

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