Vitamins At 14wks

Hi, i just went for my first check up with NUH at 14wks.. but the gynae did not prescribe any vitamins for me.. Ive been eating duphaston and florxine, previously prescribed by the private clinic that i visited. Should i be eating any particular vitamins?

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I only eat folic acids during my 1st trimester till 2nd trimester. Now that im in my 3rd trim all i eat was just multi vitamins. I did asked my gynae if it’s necessary to take DHA vitamin and stuff. He said is not rly necessary. I guess consume food that gives u vitamin and stuff is more than enough? But still depends on individual if u wna take fish oil and DHA vita :)

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Probably best to check with your doctor at the next appointment? I'm not sure about Duphaston, don't think it's a common thing to take but you should let the current doctor know about it. You can take any prenatal multivitamin, can easily find those in Guardian.

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If you’re eating well and get your nutrition from fresh food, you probably don’t need any multi vits. Do consult your gynae regarding Duphaston and Florxine.

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Strange that you gynae did not prescribe any supplements for you. Best to call your gynaecologist asap to check.


Fish oil for pregnancy and calcium is important

Fish oil