I am at week 35 but baby is in breech position. If he is not turning by next week, i have to schedule a c-sec around week 38-39. Any mums with similar experience? Should i worry if baby is healthy? Anything to take note for c-sec?

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Mummy just relax just believe in your gynae advice. My baby didn't turn as well during 32 weeks. At 34 weeks I had my first contraction baby didn't turn at the right position too. I took pills to hold her in. 35 weeks contraction again. And gyane asked me to choose a v sec date following week as baby position still not right. 36 weeks I had super contraction the night before my surgery, the nurse check still breach position and I'm not dilating too. Manage to survive till the surgery next morning. 34 to 37 weeks is a grey area. I took steroid jab to make sure my baby lung is ready incase she is coming out anytime. You have any question just ask your gynae. I know from my gynae is best to do it at 38 weeks earliest.

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