Hi all, I was diagnosed with GDM in my 28th week. My fasting OGTT was normal at 4.2 but my reading after 2 hours was 8.0 which was slightly higher than normal range. I went back for check up and needed to do the home test. Today is my first time and my reading was lower than the target. Pre meal target 4.4-5.5 and mine was around 4.1-4.2. But post meal target 5.5-6.6 but mine was around 4.8-4.9. I was confused. Is this normal? I was not feeling hungry after the meal and I had snacks between the meal after post test.

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Hi there, i think that u cannot base diagnosis on one or 2 readings - that's why u were asked to do home test because u have the "ability" to hit 8 which was rather high. It also very much depends on what u ate, the GI index of the food and the amount of activity u were having during the pre to the post test. If would be good to just continue to test for another few more days and then feedback to ur gyne and also in the meantime continue to make good food choices and portions to have good readings.

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It's too early to say that you do not have GDM base on 2 readings. It will be more accurate if there is a longer trend as you eat a variety of foods which will affect your reading. You may want to keep a food diary as well to help you identify what are the foods that caused your sugar levels to shoot. Don't forget chocolates , sweets, desserts, chips, bubble teas, fruits are also culprit to raising sugar levels.

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Sorry to ride on this. Were you all allow to drink water during the test, as the glucose drink makes me feel uncomfortable and thirsty. I was told not to have a single drip of water since 12am till the last blood drawn around 11am the next day...

What did u had for ur meals and snacks? It will definitely affect alot :)