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I was diagnosed PCOS on year 2014. My partner and I had a hard time to conceive. I went to my OB-gyne, and gave me procedures to do. Took 3 months pill to have regular menstruation; several check-up with my husband (sperm lab test); then, 2 cycle on progesterone. Then I was delayed for a month. Took PT and turned out POSITIVE. Immediately went to my OB for ultrasound and then I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The sesond time I went for an ultrasound, (wala ung OB-GYNE ko) pero my nag cover - up for the check up. Inultrasound niya ako, and he told me that may heartbeat and everything is okay. I was then 8 weeks pregnant. Follow check up ko was yesterday then my Ob found out that there's no heartbeat anynmore.. Impression: embryonic demise 7 weeks and 1 day by crown rump length. The cover up doctor (OB-GYNE) told me that all is well at my 8 weeks. Then bakit ganon na ung result? 'Am not complaining pero at 8 weeks all is fine then at my 10 week follow up check up, wala na palang heart beat at 7 weeks. I was totally broke! But may purpose si God. Sharing to you my story. Mas maganda ang plan ni God, than my plan.

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Sorry sis 🥺 Bibigay din ni lord yan in his time 🙏🏻 Me nangyayari talaga na ganyan. Most of the time genetic or chromosomal abnormality ung problema kaya hinde na nag develop si baby. Sometimes me underlying health condition si mommy like APAS or Hashimoto’s Disease kaya hinde nagproprogress. Basta pag ganyan paalaga ka lang sa OB mo.

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Hinde mawawala ung pain. Nakunan na din ako before. Kaya I know how you feel. Pray pray lang madami sis 🙏🏻