Gestational Diabetes

I was just diagnose with Gestational diabetes. Currently at 25weeks. Didnt get a chance to consult dr yet as i was informed by the nurse through phone call only. Anyone else been through this? Need suggestions on what to eat and what to avoid. Worried sick now. Help!

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Its normal to feel stressed at first but when you get used to it, its not that bad actually. You will be forced to eat healthy and watch your diet. :) I usually had wheat bread, eggs, oatmeal in the morning then for lunch and dinner, i usually had stew (chicken/pork/fish/beef with green leafy veggies) + about half cup of brown rice. I also ate loads of avocado and kiwi.

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2y ago

Sure need some time getting use to. 😅thanks for the suggestions!

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Reduce carbohydrates and sugary stuff. No milo no maternal milk.. only drink normal plain white milk not the flavoured ones..also no white bread. Hahhahah nt sure about now but thrs a course for us to go actually so they will tell u the do’s and dont’s

2y ago

Thanks alot for the suggestions. Will definitely read up more. Appreaciate it so much!!