Is dying my hair safe ? im 18 wks and 2 days pregnant.

I wanted to cut and dye my hair since day 1 of my pregnancy but im just scared to do it. Is it safe?

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Not safe bcoz of the chemicals. May effect sa growth ji baby tiis tiis kahit ako want ko magpaganda pero baby first okie

3y ago

Okay thank you po

Wag muna mommy. Tiis muna tayo ng ilang months bago ulit magpafresh.

Gupit na lang po muna wag na muna any treatment or dye.

As long as organic po yung pangkulay, sabi ni ob..

3y ago

Thankyou 💞

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not safe, khit anong treatment

Not safe mamsh. Don't do it.

Not safe

Bawal po

No po

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