I used to have problem latching my baby since birth so I have only done direct latching until she is abt 2 weeks old. Thereafter, I pump and bottle feed. I still can keep up w my LO demand during confinement month but after confinement I do not have much time to pump hence my pumping schedules reduced by half. I used to pump 6-7 times a day and became only 3-4times a day and hence my supply dropped drastically. Recently I tried to direct latch my baby again and this round it was successful..she don't fuss anymore and can suckle well. She's 8 weeks old now...I latch her for 15mins until she unlatch and she can last avg 2.5hours until nxt feed. However I noticed that her pee output has reduced. Previously her diaper can be very full when I change her 3 hourly. I direct latch her the whole day yesterday and sometimes 6 hours later, her diaper still not wet but she did poo. Does this means she is not drinking enough?? I'm quite concern.

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Was nursing well for 2 days and suddenly just now LO was screaming and crying at breast and refused to latch. Not sure if she's too hungry or what happened. Any insights? End up I gave her bottle and she finish up everything pretty fast. So sad. :( I thought I have already successfully bring her back to direct latching...

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6y ago

I'm in exact same situation as you but my Lo is now 3 months old. He was mainly bottle fed in first month due to latching issue. In second month onwards his latching doesn't seem to hurt anymore so I trued direct latching but my bf journey has been so up