I used to have problem latching my baby since birth so I have only done direct latching until she is abt 2 weeks old. Thereafter, I pump and bottle feed. I still can keep up w my LO demand during confinement month but after confinement I do not have much time to pump hence my pumping schedules reduced by half. I used to pump 6-7 times a day and became only 3-4times a day and hence my supply dropped drastically. Recently I tried to direct latch my baby again and this round it was successful..she don't fuss anymore and can suckle well. She's 8 weeks old now...I latch her for 15mins until she unlatch and she can last avg 2.5hours until nxt feed. However I noticed that her pee output has reduced. Previously her diaper can be very full when I change her 3 hourly. I direct latch her the whole day yesterday and sometimes 6 hours later, her diaper still not wet but she did poo. Does this means she is not drinking enough?? I'm quite concern.

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Thanks for the reply! If baby is gaining weight I should not be concern right even if the pee output is lower than normal but poo output is still going on? I have no confidence in my supply so I'm afraid my LO is not getting sufficient milk from direct latching.... but during latching I can hear her swallowing the milk and my other breasts leak too and I can feel letdown. When letdown happens, I can hear her swallow more deeply. After 15 mins of latching she will auto unlatch but I didn't offer the other side anymore. One more qns abt latching on demand. Sometimes LO cry can be due to many other reasons (other than wet diapers), how will I know if she wants to nurse?

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As long as baby gain weight it is fine. When they are older, their diapers will not be so heavy as they are also drinking lesser feeds as compared to when they are born. A little wet is still considered as there is output. My boy when he is 3 months we on