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Just gotten my result today, doctor say base on the ratio im at middle risk. may i know nipt test result also shows you ratio? will the nipt test result end up telling me the same as oscar test? #advicepls

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Super Mum

My Oscar scan's result same as yours. I took the NIPT test and result was NA. They said can't find my baby's DNA. I had to retake the test but it's free. I'm currently waiting for the 2nd test result.

Nipt more accurate. Some people Oscar show high risk eg due to higher age but after take nipt the risk is low. If you are able to go for nipt can just take it for peace of mind.

Is there a reason why they put you under middle risk? I was middle risk cos they couldn’t find the baby’s nasal bone though. And was found in week 20 detailed scan.

1y ago

NIPT is a higher accuracy in terms of risk level. It will just show you high/Low risk, compared to Oscar. Do go ahead with the NIPT if it gives you a peace of mind!

oscar has high false positive rate - mine was high risk. nipt will tell you the % probability. my nipt test is totally different result, low risk.

1y ago

hi, how high risk is your Oscar test? after the nipt, did u consider the amniocentesis?

Oscar accuracy is 90% while NIPT is at 98-99%. might want to consider taking NIPT for a peace of mind.

Nipt is 99% accurate. Oscar is not