I thinking if changing breast pump... spectra S1 or S9 or any breast pump mummies are using which is efficient and quiet?

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I’m using Pumpables, an Australian brand as it was recommended by my mummy group who had a few ex-users of Spectra. The SuperGenie is hospital grade suction power and has a silicon insert flange which makes it soft for pumping and doesn’t have as much friction as traditional plastic flanges. U can find out more info about their brand on http://www.pumpables.co I got mine with groupbuy at 25% off. U can join the WA group for info about upcoming groupbuys here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KJvdVOLE8eg4tVqTwveDuo

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My friend has the Ardo Calypso Double breast pump and it is really quiet. I was looking at the website and it won some award for being the quietest pump around. She also said that pumping takes a shorter time with the Ardo Calypso Double. She received it as a gift when she was living in the States but Lazada sells it for about 399SGD. http://www.lazada.sg/calypso-electric-double-plus-breastpump-474586.html http://www.ardobreastpumps.co.uk

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I have both the spectra S1 and S9. S1 yield is more as it is hospital grade. But s9 is portable and more silent. So if you are pumping at work, go for s9

6y ago

I bought the s1 on Lazada for really cheap

Definitely spectra s1. It's quiet and really good. Empties you well and is a hospital grade pump. Am using both spectra s1 and s9.

6y ago

Brief summary on both; S1 is more heavy duty - hospital grade pump and works efficiently. Has an additional cycle setting as compared to S9. S9 is smaller in size (palm size) and is more for personal portable use. Not meant for heavy usage.

I'm using S1. So far so good. And I usually pump beside LO when she's sleeping. No issue at all! :)