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Mummies, Im torn between S1+ & S9. Which is better and y? Also, which breast milk bag is good for storage? Recommendation pls...Million thanks!

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Ebelbo milk storage bag by ourlittlelamb is double layered like medela to prevent ink migration, however at a much lower.price point. available at shopee..we love it as it is strong and safe, the others in market mostly single layer n dont give us feel value for money😝

3y ago

Thanks! This is new to me..will check it out!

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I have a super genie and s1+. Its bulky but i prefer it over th other as it clears my milk better. It's by far th quietest breast pump too! I didnt had a preference over storage bags and i just got a non branded one at 5 bucks per box at baby fair.

3y ago

Thanks for the feedback! Useful

I personally prefer S1+ I prefer bottle type for storing bm (e.g. friso, Avent, pigeon)

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Spectra S1+ (because it is hospital grade and really “empty” your breast)

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I got both! But prefer s1+! S9 was good for travelling and pump at office.

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Have been using pigeon and autumnz bm storage bags

Boots and lansinoh breastmilk bag is good.

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S9 better for travelling. S1 for home use

I use S9 and really happy with it!

3y ago

Hi there..S9 suction is good?

S1 is working well!