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I think I need a badge that says I’m pregnant 😂

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Sometimes they make it difficult to ask for seat also, for example some will cross leg and take up a lot of space, put bag on the floor infront, sleep is most common, or a lot of luggage or groceries basket infront. Sometimes a lot of aunties and uncles will crowd around the priority seats also in hopes the person will offer them so I cant walk over also lol. I also pai seh ask auntie or uncles, cuz I can't tell how old they are (they may look like 50 but maybe already 70+) Sometimes I myself also can't tell whether those sitting there is just fat or pregnant 😅😅😅 So I just stand there until someone offer me a seat lor. No choice.

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i think it's sad people just don't bother. now that my baby is born, everybody suddenly wants to offer seats. even the elderly offer their seats. i rejected bc i'm more stable holding the railing while baby is on the carrier compared to being pregnant. and then when i seat, they suddenly want to make a conversation..... pls just..... no.....

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7 months pregnant and I still have people staring at me hoping I give the seat up. They either stare or stand reaaally close to me. To the point where I can feel their thigh or their butt is literally at my face. In a generation where there’s really too many elderly around can’t really be help

when I was pregnant, I've encountered both - those who pretended they didn't see me, and really nice people sitting far away from where I was standing, who offered me their seats. If you really need the seat, don't hesitate to ask for it. Better to be safe for the sake of baby

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Yea its true! once i swung on the bus so hard almost hit my belly at nine months and i was huge. the priority seat people were clearly not old/maimed/disabled/kids. so nyeh its very saddening. lost track how many times i cried my way home from the danger and pains

even if there's a badge , they will still choose to ignore, saw available seat, try to get the seat but people will still rush and get the seat for themselves even after seeing ur stomach.. mind you this is priority seat ya..😑

I was 3 days away from my EDD and as swollen as a whale, yet no one gave up their seats for me on the MRT 😪 I was this close to passing out from fatigue after a day of shopping until an elderly auntie saw me and insisted I sit.

If tummy is big, jus tap them to offer the seat. There are nice people around who willing to ask people to offer the seats.

Nah even if your stomach as big as whale they will pretend to not see (‘: (‘:

People will still turn a blind eye even if you have a badge unless it’s illegal to ignore the badge 😂.