I can't find my wedding ring. It's a very expensive ring. Cannot remember where I out it. How should I break the news to my hubby?

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How long have you lost it for? I 'lost' mine for about half a year and almost got a new one before I found it in one of my drawers that I accidentally dropped into. Hope you can find it but if you don't then find a gd time to talk to him and let him know you misplaced it. It's a symbol of your love for each other but the ring itself shouldn't take precedence over your marriage.

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Oh dear!! So sorry to hear that. Try to retrace your steps? Hopefully, it's in the house or somewhere you frequent (workplace? childcare? parents/in-law's place). Guess you just have to tell him straight and as soon as possible. Better to have one more person keeping a lookout for it. Hope you find it soon!

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well just say you lost it. like what my wife did.. she went to the gym and she wrapped the sapphire ring in a tissue and instead of drying it. she threw it into the bin. but all said.. no way to get back. so no point getting angry over something lost..

ya true agree top, try find the place you always go and use. Are you left in your working place toilet if you are working? Think back did you take out for washing you hand in others place.

Apologise to your hubby first then break the news when he's in a better mood. Though the ring is a signifies both of your love, but it's the heart that keeps both of you together. Hugs!

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husband lost his wedding ring.. the colleague just took it when he left it at the staff toilet. he told me. i was furious. i got over it.

You might buy a same ring without his knowledge if you confirm cannot find it anymore.

Try searching again. if cannot find, just be truthful :)

Haha, I hope your hubby loves you a lot