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I can’t decide whether to go for private or subsidy. What are the pros and cons between this two? Voice out please. If private, which doctor in KKH would you recommend and why? Thank you.

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Private! I went for private and it was a good experience! My gynae was Dr Sim Wen shan. Pros: lesser people, shorter waiting time, you can share your birth plan (Want immediate epidural etc), your gynae helps you with the birth and immediate stitching. I took class A, so there’s privacy and my husband gets to stay with me which is great since he helped to take care of the baby since now babies have to room with the mummies. Cons: Much more expensive.

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If you are having a low-risk pregnancy, or not fussy with a team of doctors, waiting time for appts, or type of ward eligible, subsidy is the best. Furthermore, dont its really pocket friendly and the money can be put use when baby is out.

Private is more seamless. But certainly more expensive. Some ppl go under subsidy in the initial weeks to get detailed scans and blood tests at lower cost.

Hi I wouldn’t go for KKH thou. Although it’s fine but it has bad reviews. I’m delivering at either Gleneagles or Thomson medical.

Private , hassle free and definitely no waiting time .


I took private cause I don't want to wait

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private... cause I hate waiting :)