I swaddle my bb go zzz. she wears footed bodysuit. on air con 26degrees. pretty cooling. and ceiling rotating fan at lowest speed as it's just at bb leg area. her cheeks will feel cold her forehead will not perspire but when I touched her neck. it's sticky and warm. when she turns her head to the other side, the other side will be dry and clean and when she turns again the other side becomes warm and slightly sticky. but she can sleep tru. why so? btw. bb is 5 months.

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Could it be the general high temperatures and crazy humidity of late? I sleep in an air conditioned room and I wear t shirt + shorts yet I still get the sticky sweaty feeling on my neck. If an adult go through such discomfort, imagine how it'll be for a little baby. I reckon as long she gets through the night without crying and sleep just fine, it should be fine.

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Think it is just that the ventilation is not as good. The "exposed" areas sounds alright. Perhaps can try changing the sheets or her bodysuit to a material that is lighter/airier? If baby is comfortable enough to sleep through the night, I wouldn't be too worried. :)