hi. I send my girl to Ifc in the morning. I bw her. i take bus. I carry her backpack. I carry my shoulder bag including pumps. and sometimes a cooler bag for my milk which I pump at work. I'm carrying a lot of things. it's tiring and making me perspire along the way to Ifc. any other ways so that I can no need carry so many things to work? (I've avent pump as well but the avent pump suction not so good so I've no intention to leave it in office)

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I know how it feels! Aching shoulders and back. On top on these, sometimes I need to carry my laptop back too. How long do you plan to nurse? I strongly recommend you to leave a spare pump in the office. I did that. You might want to consider getting spectra pump. My friends are using it and gave good comments. Price wise is relatively lower as compared to other brands. As for your usual work bag, change to something light like longchamp totebag? As for my carrier, i changed it to hip carrier which distributes the baby weight equally. Not so tiring for my back. I got it from this link: http://www.babymarcel.com/mesh-hipseat-baby-carrier

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6y ago

Thanks mummy. Currently I'm using the spectra pump. My longchamp handle is short and not the shoulder type. So it doesn't helps either. My LO is 3mths + and her neck is not strong yet. That's why I didn't use the hip carrier which I also have it at home.

May I know how old is your girl? Did you discuss with your partner and maybe he can help to lessen your load.

you could get a trolley bag?