I secretly wish my spouse were more good looking
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No, my spouse looks amazing!

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He remembers important dates, surprises me with things he knows I like, a great dad, a sweet and thoughtful husband, a loving son... AND HE SINGS WELL (sounds like Frank Sinatra)! I mean, I consider myself very lucky. lol

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Since the day i met him, i feels him as uniquely special to my heart.. . He will forever my love my hubby no matter what..and As long as he will always be there for us.

this was us when we just got together for a few months. i was hated by the women around him 😂. handsome bad boy

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Too handsome = many girls chasing. My husband is chubby and fat. Good for me will do

5y ago


Hubby is my crush even before he became my bf. Still my ultimate crush even now. :D

He is the most handsome guy in my eyes... 😄

Actually my husband is the good looking one compared to me😂

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Like I always say about my big husband... MORE TO LOVE 💕

He is beautiful and I'm grateful to have him 😍 💕

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beauty is in the eyes of the beholders. 😍