EDD Dec 2021 anyone?

Hi! I recently found out I’m pregnant and my EDD would be mid of Dec. Now at 4.5weeks, pending my OB visit on 27th! Would like to get to know any of you who are in similar stages, to keep tabs on each other during this journey, share symptoms and questions we might have :)

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my last period is on 22 feb 2021 (having 42 days cycle) which suppose to have my expected period on 05 Apr, but it didnt came.. then 10 apr there's light spotting/bleeding to mild till 14 Apr .. and i did few preg test (those china strips & sticks) before & aft and today, it shows neg.. i am having some nausy, bloating, aches thou.. usually when u all start taking preg test aft missed period? 🙏 TIA!

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1mo ago

Yup same! I tested mine after missing my period for two days. I recommend you head down to a clinic for proper tests, esp if you have such a long period cycle. Just to be safe! Fingers crossed! ✨

congratulations!! I'm currently at 9weeks right now and this is my first pregnancy and waiting anxiously for my first scan next week!! what symptoms are you currently having? such exciting times!!

1mo ago

I knowwwww. the wait to the doctors feelssss forever!! same! Im always v hungry at night.. my boobs only feels sore occasionally, not everyday.. but I do lose appetite, like none of the foods appeal to me anymore and if I do eat something, I feel nauseous but didn't physically vomit..

Congrats! Hi, my EDD mid dec too :) this will be my 6th child. I totally forgotten hows it like. Feeling sleepy most times 😅. Cramps at times. All the best mommies!

2w ago

🤭 thank you 💕💕💕

I just found out I'm pregnant today at 4 weeks 2 days! Will be heading to my appt much later on the 8th May (: lets keep each other posted of good gynae recos!

1mo ago

Yay congrats! And yes keep each other posted ☺️

I also just found out I am pregnant with my third child. Very unexpected. Feeling so bloated and nauseous very early on in this pregnancy. 😩

Congratulations!! My edd is early Dec. Currently at 6 weeks :) I have very bad appetite and feel nauseous all day... kinda gloomy too 😞

1mo ago

Thanks dear! Coconut water helps? I’m definitely gonna get some!!!

im now week 5, EDD in December as well, so excited to wait for my First visit with gynae to see my hw my little baby doing inside :)

1mo ago

Congrats!! I know, the wait feels like foreverrr!

hi I'm week 12 now. just took NIPT blood test for gender of baby and any chromosomal disabilities. :)

1mo ago

i m in week 12 now...just took NIPT too☺️☺️☺️

Hihi my EDD is mid Dec too! Just waiting patiently for my next appt at Wk 10, feels like forever!! 😂

2w ago

same! at 7w and still 2-3 weeks to go for next appt, truly patience is a virtue 😅

Got my bfp today! Having lots of crazy worries because i’ve no symptoms so far.

2w ago

congrats! no m/s my side but other symptoms (tender breasts, bloat, fatigue, headache) kicked in at 5-6weeks, and comes and goes. Read that having no symptoms is perfectly fine (and very lucky at that 😊)