Can i eat abit of potatoes chips (jack and jil) during 1st trimester? have been craving for it badly

I read online that potatoes chip is bad to eat during pregnant

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just eat what you're craving for. it's good that you've appetite during 1st trimester as some other mum having nausea instead. Don't be over worry about it as long as you're happy! :D

you definitely can. I think you shouldn't limit yourself especially during the first trimester. do what u need to get thru it. imo it's the toughest trimester

Chips are fine, just eat in moderation i suppose. I'm at week 11 and i just had like 1 big bag of truffle chips yesterday over a movie at home 😅

Yes just eat! Of course it shouldn’t replace your main meals and too much can cause more water retention. But occasional snacking is fine!:)

Haha! Potato chips are bad even for a non preggy. But I guess eating in moderation is fine. Just watch out for the salt/sodium intake

I had potato chips every day as I was very into fried potatoes during first trimester and it was all I wanna eat.

I had a lot of chips in my 2nd pregnancy (alot of craving for it). Baby born healthy :) 3 mths old soon!

just eat. Once your nausea kicks in, u wouldnt have appetite for anything

I went to find baked chips alternative

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Yes, no harm to eat :)