I plan to put my 8 months old in kindergarten under infant program. Any suggestions on kindergarten around Meyer Road (East Coast)? There's Brighton, Kinderland, Blossom etc. Heard kinderland is good?

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Frankly speaking - it depends on if the IFC even have availability for you in the first place. I would call up the centers and find out which ones have slot. I had to be on waiting list for 6 months! Also are you looking for full day infant care of half day infant care? For full day infant care there is only 4 centers in east coast area. The schools u mentioned above is for preschool - so 18 months and above. For infant care you have these options 1. Odyssey - gorgeous but very very very expensive. This is at still road 2. My first skool - Good school and curriculum. Located at Marine terrace. 3. Babyplanet montessori - Siglap. This is the most affordable at $1,600 a month, and under $1k after working mothers subsidy. 4. Bibs & Mitts - East Coast. Also offers half day on Sat.

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5y ago

Curious to know which one you end up going for - keep us posted and happy preschool hunting!

I checked out Brighton and shaws and I preferred shaws. Shaws is family run. I like the way they plan their meals and diet. Learn through play with their signature playground. They always seek to improve their curriculum and food menu and work closely with parents. They also have an alumni program for the kids and charity events. My Son went there 2 years back and still talks about shaws Kinder land is also good - but more for primary 1 prep. Not as much outdoor play

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