Transition to Full Cream Milk??

Hi.. I am new to this app? I just want to know how do I want to transition my toddler who is 15 months to full cream milk. Should I just give him straight away or should I mix with his formula??? ?

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I started at 11months. I put in her milk bottle first 60ml. For first week - 1 week 4 to 5 times . Then 2nd week, I put in small cup & straw bottle. Then I rotate. For a month. 12months, Then slowly i increase to 90ml. Now I put in straw bottle. I didn’t mix. I give fresh full cream. My toddler likes it.

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If your Lo dont reject the taste then start to replace 1 feed first and see if he is allergic. And subsequently can change more feed to full cream milk.

You can introduce full cream fresh milk on one of his feed, if he accepted it then slowly increase it to 2 feeds and subsequently totally on fresh milk.

4y ago

Sometimes you may have to try different brand of fresh milk though my girl so far drink any brand that we buy, also you may like to try putting the milk in straw cup and see.

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Don’t switch completely. Introduce to your child slowly. Maybe 1/2 feed a day with full cream milk. Try for a week and if he accepts it, can switch

I straightaway change my LO's milk to full cream when she turn 12 months old. No need mix into formula. Luckily she's not fussy and likes it.

I tried but he seems to push it away

4y ago

Btw what age do you let ur child have full cream milk?

My LO pudh it away..