No morning sickness at week 8

I know I should be happy and I've also heard that having morning sickness or not having depends on your body. But does anyone know if Doctor did say having morning sickness shows that baby is doing great?

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I didn’t have any morning sickness. Currently 34 weeks pregnant. Only know if baby is doing great from ultrasounds done during gynae visits and detailed scan prior to being able to feel baby’s movements at 20 weeks. As long as there’s no bleeding or spotting generally everything should be fine. Just be mindful of what u eat and don’t walk too much or carry heavy stuff esp during first trimester and it should be fine. All the best mama and don’t worry too much.

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Morning sickness is just one of the side effects some moms experience, not all will experience and it is has no relation to whether it will affect baby or mother. both my MIL and SIL didn't have Morning sickness all at for all their kids.

hi,not to worries you doing great don't be like me at week 4 till week 12 I still have morning sickness such nausea and vomiting alot.consider you are lucky one!!!jia yo!

Hi! I didn’t have any morning sickness for my firstborn too. Am expecting my second and also minimal morning sickness. Don’t worry too much about it! 😊

Not having morning sickness doesn’t mean baby is not doing fine.. I didn’t had morning sickness for both babies and both turned out fine

If there is no morning sickness, how do you tell baby is doing well? Like there is no signs during trimester 1. A bit worried

2mo ago

As long no really bad cramps and bleeding, there is nothing to worry about. That is the only things to watch out.

I didn’t have any morning sickness till week 38. My baby came out healthy and happy. Currently 5m old! 😊