May I know how do you change formula from nan 1 to nan 2 ? I tried to change but lo don't like so I mix the two formula till now I giving him 4 scoop nan1 and 2 scoop nan 2 , how can I totally change to nan 2?

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When you transition from one stage to another, alternate the feeds - and not mix two different types of formula together. Start with the feed that LO would least likely be rejecting, eg. a morning feed. Switch that to stage 2 formula for the first few days then slowly replace 2, 3, 4 feeds the same way until every feed is replaced with stage 2! You shouldn't be mixing the formula scoops for one feed, or trying to thicken/dilute formula by adding more/less water. Always prepare formula milk based on the instructions and scoop given in the tin!

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My friend replace one feed at a time instead of mixing. So initially she only changed 1 out of the 6 feeding sessions and gradually work towards changing all to stage 2. I think mixing would work too. Like what Yuna suggested, gradually tweak the ratio till you can change all to nan 2.

Reckon you're on the right track. Mixing the two and gradually reducing the proportions of Nan 1 and increasing Nan 2 will make the transition easier. Keep doing this till its just Nan 2 and eventually baby will stop rejecting it :) Good luck!!

6y ago

To go nan 2 n do the mix is it must after 6m? Able to still drink nan 1 after 6m if do the ratio?

Preferably do not mix the two formulas. I agree with the above, use alternate formulas between feeds and gradually move towards NAN 2

I personally feel it's better to mix the feeds. So basically alternate the feeds unless really no choice Then mix the formula.

You did the right thing. Increase gradually and give it more time for baby to adapt.