I just recently learned that it is legal to breastfeed in public in Singapore -- without a cover! Should I do it or not? I am assuming it is still a social taboo in Singapore, no? I don't want to offend anybody, albeit it being legal. What should I do?

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Should you choose to nurse in public without a nursing cover, you need to be prepared for the gazes that you will attract as well as some comments that people may pass at you. Are you ready to cope with it and stand up for what you are doing? Although it may be legal, but living in a multi-racial and multi-religion country, there may be some people (due to different beliefs) who may be uncomfortable with your choice of action. If you still wish to nurse in public without a nursing cover, you can use the two-shirt method. Whereby you wear a tank top underneath whatever top you are wearing so as to ensure minimal exposure.

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I nurse in public as well, but under a cover. I suggest nursing your baby under a cover to minimise the chances of getting stared at. Majority of the people here are accepting of breastfeeding, but as much as possible, do try not to expose too much whilst nursing. What I do is to latch my baby under a cover and uncover her face so she doesn't get too warm but my bits aren't exposed to all and sundry.

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