I am in week 19. I feel tired easily and feeling so lazy nowadays. No mood to go to work as well. Been taking mc continuously from work. I know i should have not give in to the laziness but i just cant help it. Sometimes i feel like just leaving my job too. I cant sleep well at night been having bodyaches and keep on getting up to pee and getting up to work feels too much for me. Maybe i feel this way as this is my first pregnancy i guess. How you supermom do it? Working and going through it. Care to share how you supermom do it?

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Super Mum

I feel you. I was very sleepy and tired in my 2nd trimester. I would take naps during lunch time at my workstation and buy lunch after I wake.

2y ago

Hi Jas. Glad i am not alone. Yes exactly thats how i felt nowadays. Lucky that you can take naps during your lunch time whereas i cant. By end day of work i will feel very tired. Hope you feel better in the upcoming days.