Week 8 of pregnancy... yay!

I am in 8 week of pregnancy. My morning sickness getting quite badly. It’s so worst that when I brush my teeth I feel like vomiting.. Cramp , bloated stomach , no appetite for food. Sometimes feeling very giddy also and hard to poo nowadays. Isit normal? Does anybody same same as me?

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Yea... my morning sickness is still going strong up till now (15w). I got my cramps even before I realised I’m preggy till now.. Checked with gynae and he said it’s my uterus expanding and it’s normal for some people to feel it. As long as there’s no bleeding, it should be fine but got to monitor (:

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Congrats! But you shouldn't feel cramp do visit your gynae. I had cramp and bad morning sickness too. Was given med.