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Hi all. I will be having a gathering at a sushi place soon with my colleagues.can you recommend me some safe to eat sushi menu that you would eat when your preg? Im not really good in sushi as i rarely dine there.. i knw it must be fully cooked.. is wasabi, soy sauce n seaweed ok to eat? Let me know what do u usually eat. Thanks!!

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Some sushi restaurants sell mostly are raw. Do double check the restaurant via online menu. Just take note. If u are going to Eg sushi tei , Koh Grill and Sushi Bar , genki , they have mixture. Just avoid half cooked or raw sashimi, shrimp , octopus , scallops , spicy tuna , tuna belly etc Cooked - You can get chicken/beef /seafood / Ebi / Ungai Don ( rice ) , Udon / Ramen (noodle) , Ungai Roll, tempura , fried chicken , tuna (cooked) , fried shrimp etc Don’t worry , there’s a menu for you. You can see difference cooked n raw dishes. If not you can double check with the staff. Soya sauce & seaweed are ok. Wasabi I tried, dip a little (1-2 times) are ok. But too much I get heart burn. If u easily get heart burn or worry. Avoid wasabi.

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