I have unbalance boobs size due to breastfeeding. 2 cups difference. When one side engorged can be 3 cups difference. It is very obvious while I wearing fitted shirt. Any mummy facing this problem before? Will it become normal balanced boobs after I stop breastfeeding. TIA.

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Yes! It happened to me in both my pregnancies because I was mainly latching on 1 boob only. I was told that they will remain uneven after I stop breastfeeding... but guess what! They both went back to normal size! Phew! I think it's quite a common problem in breastfeeding mums. And unfortunately I think different people have different results. I have a friend who's breast went totally flat after breastfeeding. Here are some things that can help to even things up (you don’t need to do them all; start off with the one thing that looks most workable for you): - Start baby on the smaller side for each feeding for a few days (baby usually nurses more vigorously on the first breast offered). - Nurse on the smaller side twice as often. For instance if you nurse on one side per feeding, you might nurse on the small side for two feedings, the larger side for one, then back to the smaller side for the next two feedings, etc. - Pump the smaller side for 5-10 minutes after some feedings. - Add an extra pumping session (for 10-20 minutes – smaller side only) in between feedings. (extracted from Kellymom http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/lopsided/)

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Yes breast will never be the same after we breastfeed. Yes mine is not of equal size too. So i compromised by push up bras. And the most scary thing is, my breast have shrink even smaller then pre pregnancy size.

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me too! I don't know why though. my right side is bigger then my left. but I know that whether we breast feed or not, our breast are lopsided. isn't it?