I have seen many post about depression and mental health concerns. It is a stigma here in Singapore. I have created a page which will share my personal life experiences with others out there. If you feel the need, you can search for the page, I hope it will provide you with, more knowledge and support. I will be launching the vlogs and article writing soon. It's called Searching M3, there are also depression groups on Facebook. They are helpful, when you can speak to others who understand mental health better. The link is below in the comment section. Let's help to advocate for humanity, spread the word. Let the unspoken be spoken . You are not alone! You are not crazy! #mental health #mentalhealthpatient #stayhomemom #trauma

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Thank you! It def will give me a booster when im going to deliver in July.

hey Jorelle, I hope it would help you along your way :)

2y ago

This link is not working?

Super Mum

This is awesome!