is it ok to donate breastmilk without going through checkup?

Hi, I have excess breastmilk to donate and I saw a few forums and FB with donation posts. However, i didn't go through any checkup although my baby is growing healthy. I have balance diet, daily supplements with rolled oats milk and nursing milk. But I still worry if the other babies suitable to drink my milk. Does any mummy who donate breastmilk go check up first before donating?

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Hi! I did donate my excess breast milk through carousell.. and no I didn't go for any check up prior to that... but i recently went for a health screening and no red lights.. I guess if your baby is healthy then it should be fine to be donated without health check..

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I donated w/o screening too. As long as our LO is drinking fine, sld be same for others bb. I feel is a mutual trust when we donating our bm that we wont harm our bb therefore we wont harm ppl' bb. We r mum 😊

Some recipients might mind so best to go for checkup to get assurance

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i donated without checkup