Missed period

Hi all, I have delayed almost 9 days from my due period date which is supposed to be on 18/11 ( my cycle lengths is about 33 days). So I did UPT yesterday and repeated this morning and the result was negative. Any suggestions what can I do now? Thank you.

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Do a hcg blood test! :) my cycle is 33 days too. I got my faint positive at 10dpo .. hardly noticeable.. all the best!!

3y ago

Thank you! Will do that if still no menses come until next week. Thank you. ☺

Super Mum

Go consult a gynae to confirm

3y ago

Thank you for your suggestion! That's actually come into my mind. Just want to see any others possibility from mothers out there is they experienced the same as me before. Thank you.🙏

Consult doctor