I have a almost 7 week baby whom I always nurse her to sleep during midnight feed. She would suckle for 5-10 min before she drifts back to sleep again. Sometimes suckling time less than 5 min. She wakes up every 2 hours. I wonder if she eats enough this way? Should I wake her up or let her sleep?

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One way to know if your breastfed baby has had enough is to check her diaper output. At 7wo, she should be having 7-8 wet/dirty diapers in 24h. One wet diaper is about 45ml of liquid, you can try it out on a new diaper to see how heavy it should be. If your bub has got healthy diaper output, you need not worry about the duration of her suckling at night etc. Some babies just want to soothe themselves back to sleep in the middle of the night, not exactly waking up for milk.

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