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Hi All, I had spotting at week 9.3. In the week 7 scan we could see the heart beat and the baby was 1.05 cms. How ever when we did the scan after I saw spotting the baby has not grown much. I see spotting after the scan as well. Doc suggested D and C process to flush out the fetus. 1. Is there any side effect of D and C surgery ? 2. Should I wait for few more days to see if there is any further growth or this is clearly a miscarriage. 3. Also any idea on the cost of D and C in Govt hospitals? Right now am in private hospital and I was quoted 3.5k for the procedure. Any response would be very useful as am first time pregnant. Thanks in advance

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1. You'll feel drowsy once you wake up. The side effect of the anesthesia but no bad side effect after that except mild cramps. You may or may not feel that. 2. Not sure about that but I'll go with what was suggested. I had a miscarriage years ago (did D&C for this) and another 2 yrs back with non-stop bleeding like menses. I went to A&E three times and all the gynaes said the same, sac has been the same size for 2 weeks and no fetal pole seen and was suggested to do D&C but had a natural miscarriage instead. 3. Paid via Medisave for govt hospital.

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Not bad just light bleeding to spotting and not lasts that long about a few days for me then you'll have your period as per normal after that.