Miscarriage at week 7 : D&C or medicine ?

Hello can anyone share their experience of miscarriage ? Which procedure do you go ? I went to KKH they gave me until this friday to decide where to go for d&c or medicine. Has anyone try the meds ? Currently i only have mild spotting when i wiped

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Very sorry to hear that. I'm not sure if they gave the option of waiting for the natural. Just explaining as an option: I waited for natural miscarriage. As my doctor said, it happened in 2 weeks after the confirmation of the miscarriage. I had heavy bleeding for a couple of hours and had a few small contractions for the removal of a few big clots. The next day I went for another ultrasound to check if everything has cleared up. Choosing the method depends on how you feel. All methods have their pros and cons. for the natural, waiting time is one of the cons. You don't have an exact date of when it's going to happen. So if you're not ready emotionally for that, d&c might be quicker

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2y ago

Yes he did but only for first few weeks, previously it stopped at 6 weeks and this time it actually progressed till 7 weeks. The hospital now suggested me to keep in touch with early assessment unit for next pregnancy so they can help to check if any issue . Thank you so much for your pray really appreciate it. Hoping the same

d&c is a quicker and cleaner removal if you are ok with it

2y ago

Is it painful ? post surgery ?