baby clapping for the 1st time

I just had to share the most amazing thing my baby did today! My little one is approaching 1 year. Today, while we were playing together, my baby finally started clapping all on their own. I was worried but now i can breath easy.... It was the cutest thing I've ever seen! I know it might seem like a small thing, but to me, it's a huge milestone and a wonderful reminder of how incredible this journey is.

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Oh, that's so wonderful to hear! Congratulations on your baby's milestone! It's definitely not a small thing at all - it's a big deal and a beautiful moment to cherish. It's amazing to see them achieve these little milestones, isn't it? If your little one is clapping for the first time, it's a great sign of their growing motor skills and coordination. It shows that they are developing and gaining more control over their movements. It also means that they are paying attention and imitating the actions they see around them, which is a fantastic cognitive development. It's completely normal to feel worried about your baby's development, but moments like this show that they are right on track. You're doing a great job as a parent, and your baby is thriving! Keep enjoying these precious moments with your little one, and celebrate each milestone they reach. It's truly an incredible journey, and there are many more exciting milestones to come. Well done, mama!

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Reading this makes me feel better! My baby is coming to 8 months doesnt know how to clap. I guess i still have until a year

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Its huge! Congratsssssss 💕🌈

So cute! Happy for u!

awesome! ♥️