Pregnancy.... to dentist and braces.

I am week 11 going 12 pregnancy. Just wondering if I can go Dentist and wash my teeth? And also putting on braces for my teeth?

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Having done braces b4, i will just say that gums might bleed cos it might get more sensitive due to e treatment, n being pregnant ur gums will also be much more sensitive n possibly weaker, so i think u don't do braces now since this treatment gonna take u at least 2 years to complete..

Cleaning of ur teeth should be of no problem. Putting on braces I think u have to check with ur gynae 😉

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It should be okay but if you have underlying health issues, do get advice from gynae

you can have oral prophylaxis but not you cant put on braces😊

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Best to ask ur gynae, or ur dentist

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check with the dentist