Second pregnancy

Hi mummies when did you give birth to your first and second child? I gave birth to my first at 36 weeks. Now having second one doctor say may come out earlier. I am afraid though. Hope can come out at least 37 weeks or after. #9weeks2days

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Hey there, Congratulations on your second bundle of joy - do take things as they come :) you never know what wil happen in the third trimester but asking “what if” constantly when you don’t know for sure won’t help either. Do relaxation breathing exercises before you sleep each night and journal your thoughts and fears to let go of your worries and anxieties. Remember that at the end of the day, birth is a physiological process that even doctors haven’t quite got down to a T yet. Your body will do it’s thing when baby is ready. You’ve got this strong mama! Our bodies are miraculous to be homes of our little ones, to grow them. Trust your body :)

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For me, first child 37 and second child is 36 😅