how was your first period after miscarriage?

Hello i had miscarriage last june 8 at 7 weeks pregnant, and na raspa din ako that same day, we tried to get prgnant angain at june 16 after i heal from operation, july 8 i had a whole day of spotting(brown discharge) and on july 9 -10 i had a medium flow of my period, i had crampings and pelvic pain, my recent periods are usually 4 days but this time i only had 2 days.

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Yes mine started with brown spotting din a month after na ma raspa, shorter din than my usual visit pero yung sumunod okay na. If I may suggest momsh, wag muna mag try agad and let your body recuperate. Dapat healthy din ang mommy para yung susunod na pregnancy maging mas healthy pa! 😍

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Hindi advisable na mag try agad magbuntis after a raspa. Baka maulit lang uli ang pagkakunan. 6 months dapat ang pagitan para healthy na uli ang matres. Kasi para magheal din. And it takes 6 wks for any opera wound to heal.

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Milky white discharge may be a sign of ovulation or pagaisimula ng regla