Best delivery ever! ?

I had my c section last april 3. it was a planned low transversed c section (bikini cut) As i observed. Its easier to heal. After 2 days. I am able to walk and ready for discharge! ? Yes 2 days! ? Its like nothing happens. Maybe because every mom's pain tolerance is different. Mine is 10/10. Plus its bikini cut so it is less bleading and easier to heal, less complication compared to straight/traditional cut. I would really recommend bikini cut c section. After 1 week im back to normal. The only cons about my c section experience is the effect of epidural--shivering and i cant feel my body. Its really weird because its my first major surgery. Then after the anesthesia subsides, yes there is pain but tolerable and of course i can ask for a pain reliever injectable so it has faster effect. For me i would rather have caesarian delivery than vaginal birth. Note: I've had my vaginal delivery 7 years ago. Back then LABOR SUCKS! C Section is the Best ???

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Actually ang sabi ng OB mas matagal mag heal ang bikini cut at mas masakit.

4y ago

I requested lang kasi sabi sakin hindi pwede but i insisted hehe. Buti nalang cephalic si baby kaya ayun na bikini cut. Kapag daw kasi breech position or yung nakahorizontal si baby inside womb classical cut daw talaga. So depende rin po sa position ni baby yung bikini cut 👶