help me out please

can i get pregnant if the precum went on my partner's fingers, and he touched my hair and then later on, he went on inserting his finger in my vag!na?

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You can get pregnant pag nakipagsex ka, yes. 50% chance. So if nagwoworry kang mabuntis ka, use contraceptives. In your case, may chance po pero usually ang sperm ng lalaki namamatay sa ibang temperature.

bat Parang tunog natatakot ka. if you dont want to get pregnant you should use contraceptives before doing that thing. if ever you get pregnant face the consequences of your actions.

11mo ago

If positive ka sa PT then most probably buntis ka nga. If still in doubt pacheck up ka sa OB.

Yes, you can get pregnant. Not impossible but small possibility. Try searching it on google. I got pregnant without penetration.

11mo ago

so unexpected po ang nangyari but you're both at the right age naman kaya it's a blessing for a change. congrats po

if you are having a delayed period, try to use pregnancy test, if you are still uncertain, then try transv ultrasound

try to consult obgyne they can tell you what u want to know. and to make sure if u r pregnant or not

pacheck.up ka na lang



Update po?

5mo ago

no pregnant po