Other ppl calling my nb baobei

Is it just me or? I find it disgusting when my MIL and the confinement nanny called y son baobei.

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Something similar… Wait until someone ask your LO to address them as Mummy or Mama. You’ll lose it, for sure. Hahaha. My SIL addressed my another SIL as Mama and have been referring to her as that. I get so annoyed I feel like throwing the milk bottle at her everytime she says that title. I told my husband about it and I tell you sometimes husbands no use one. Go in one ear, out the other. In the end I get frustrated and throw my anger at my LO telling her day by day nobody is Mama or Mummy to you except me. The title doesn’t come for free. If the person is sponsoring milk, diapers, food, education, medical and everything else to raise a child then sure you can call yourself Mummy or Mama to my LO. Other than that, if my child didn’t come from your womb, out your vajayjay or tummy, no way in hell are you supposed to disrespect and ignore the mother who gave birth to that child. My in-laws or parents will also pass remarks that are illogical and nonsensical. I’ll just tell them off nicely this is how I want it to be done for my child. Sometimes if they feed her without asking my permission I will purposely say loudly to my LO, “Did you ask my permission? Did I say you can eat/drink it? If you get an allergy, who’s going to be responsible? Your grandma is it? Your auntie is it?” LOL.

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