Other ppl calling my nb baobei

Is it just me or? I find it disgusting when my MIL and the confinement nanny called y son baobei.

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Something similar… Wait until someone ask your LO to address them as Mummy or Mama. You’ll lose it, for sure. Hahaha. My SIL addressed my another SIL as Mama and have been referring to her as that. I get so annoyed I feel like throwing the milk bottle at her everytime she says that title. I told my husband about it and I tell you sometimes husbands no use one. Go in one ear, out the other. In the end I get frustrated and throw my anger at my LO telling her day by day nobody is Mama or Mummy to you except me. The title doesn’t come for free. If the person is sponsoring milk, diapers, food, education, medical and everything else to raise a child then sure you can call yourself Mummy or Mama to my LO. Other than that, if my child didn’t come from your womb, out your vajayjay or tummy, no way in hell are you supposed to disrespect and ignore the mother who gave birth to that child. My in-laws or parents will also pass remarks that are illogical and nonsensical. I’ll just tell them off nicely this is how I want it to be done for my child. Sometimes if they feed her without asking my permission I will purposely say loudly to my LO, “Did you ask my permission? Did I say you can eat/drink it? If you get an allergy, who’s going to be responsible? Your grandma is it? Your auntie is it?” LOL.

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Although I don’t like my PIL but luckily I was firm in telling everyone in both families to call my baby with her name and strictly no nickname first.. Reason i told them was very simple: Baby won’t know what’s her name if you gives her a nickname and keep calling her that and not calling her name, do you think she will still respond to her name? 😊 And yes, my CL called my baby baobei/baby which I feel abit weird of course but anyway they were just here for a mth so no much impact i felt..

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it depends on the situation and your relationship with them really. to me, it is totally fine. it shows that they love my baby and i am happy and glad with that. i think everyone wants their baby to be loved and care for. if they dislike my baby then i'd find them disgusting. but again, it really depends your relationship with the other person.

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I think it's fine if you are okay with that person. my mom calls my niece baobei all the time and my sis in law seems okay about it. now we all call her bao bei since she's the only little one in our family now. For me, I would be happy if my mil or mom calls my LO baobei, it just means that they love them like their own!

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I think it's great to know that they are well loved and probably assurance that they will take the welfare of the baby in mind. like what others said , can jokingly say u always hear this from your husband calling u that, u feel weird hearing it , hopefully they get the cue

For me I find it acceptable. The auntie at the minimart under my block likes to call my daughter ‘xiao bao bei’ 😂 But there’s nothing wrong with not liking it also, if you don’t feel comfortable just let them know 😊

My mil will call my son as Her baobei like “wo de xiao baobei”. I think is fine leh cause it just feels like she really love my baby. Is it your relationship with them not very good so you find it disgusting?

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Normal. Grandparents calling their grandchildren baobei. Got grandparents to dote on yr baby isn't it good? As for nanny, I think it's ok too..every baby is a baobei. Moreover nanny sees so many babies before. Be more open.

I’m malay and my partner at work been calling me baobei and i find it cute 😂 she’s in her late 40s and im in mid 20s. I dont mind if she wants to call my baby baobei too 🤭

Had no problems as my very supportive MIL wash, fed and clean my LO poop and cuddle to sleep during the first few months. Just showing love and affection with real action.

i think is your relationship with the person got problem that's why u feel disgusting.