I filled the ice pack with water. I think I over fill it and it's kinda bloated when it's freeze. any one knows if it's possible to remove water from the ice pack? and how? TIA

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If you are using the blue vcoool pack where inside it is some gel substance - there's no way to release any more water once u put it in. Coz it would hav sealed up once u press the seal slip.

5y ago

I guess it's just being more heavy and space consuming in your bag. Otherwise it's ok. Mine is bloated too. Though I followed till the stated line.

may i know u filled it for? usually for me if i fill in water i make it more air in it so it wont bloated.

5y ago

oh ok.

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Rinse over the water to melt away a bit of ice and pour out the water?

5y ago

water doesn't seems to be able to flow out ..