How To Cope

I feel troubled at times. I found out this June 9, 2020 that I'm pregnant. It's been a few weeks actually that I feel exhausted all the time, I always pee as in! Ang hirap mag hold back at times lalo na when I'm traveling , i feel like my mood changes drastically that I feel anxious about anything. My last period was April 25, 2020. I didn't even bother suspecting that I'm pregnant and when I popped the news towards my man asking him kung kelan namin pwedeng sabihin sa parents namin he's like "parang wala lang" every time I bring it up. He's always like "sige go! Sabihin mo!" in a way na parang Inis na Inis sya. Since I was still in college I feel really troubled kasi my parents are really strict and I'm scared to disappoint them. My man has just graduated and he started a business weeks after he knew the news and right now although it's for us naman, I can't help but feel neglected I mean, kaya nyang mag chat sa ibang babae na friends nya and he couldn't even spare a minute just to check up on me. I just don't know kung sino mapalapitan. I feel so alone enduring all of these. I fell inlove with being pregnant and I'm really really grateful to God. I'm planning to start a business and I feel like, I couldn't rely on my man on this stuff. What should I do😞

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