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Can I eat pancake during pregnant for 15 week? Is it okay? Can you help me use English

PanCake #question
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Yup, try adding fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and/or bananas etc for natural sweetener and additional vitamins 😊 Strawberries are good source of iron + vitamin C, blueberries for vitamin C, and bananas for vitamin C + fiber

I do eat pancakes from 1st till now 3rd trimester its one of my foods cravings, i added fruits blueberries bananas and strawberries.Just dont put too much syrups .

ofcourse you cn eat pancakes. but watch out your blood sugar specially if you are eating it with a lot of maple syrup. you cn also eat it with fruits

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Yes! I eat them most of the time. But make sure that you eat in moderation especially if it is sweet.

Yes it's okay. Just in moderation if you're eating sweets. :)

pwede pero no syrup momy or try mo ung sugar free.

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yes. just avoid too much butter, syrup or cream

yes po wag lang yung masyadong matamis ☺️

Yes, you can. As long as it's not too sweet.

Yes, you can eat pancakes. 😋👍🏽