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Why we love Cetaphil?

Spending time outdoors is as important as making sure Adam's skin is clean, smooth, and free of any infection, that's why we make sure to give him a #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves thru the 5-Fold Protection by Cetaphil.  From their Gentle Wash and Shampoo to Daily Lotion, taking care of Adam's skin is now easier because every Cetaphil product delivers 5-fold protection that keeps the skin soft but strong. 💙 1. Gentle – does not irritate the skin or eyes 2. Soothing 3. Seals Moisture - Keeping skin's natural moisture 4. Protects the Skin Barrier 5. Hypoallergenic –  safe to use on our kids' delicate skin Simple yet great, right? Oh! One more thing, Cetaphil also has products for eczema-prone skin and that's the Cetaphil PRO line! Perfect skin protection during this cold weather! It's really full-body care with Cetaphil baby! #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves

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Why we love Cetaphil?
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