Ice/ hot milo

Can i drink milo at week 8 of pregnancy? Craving for it so much but i heard it contains caffeine?

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Can. I was drinking milo for the first tri cos couldn’t digest plain water. But it does contain a fair amount of sugar so don’t drink so often. In moderation


Can drink. Milo not so much of caffeine issue.. and not as if u gonna drink the whole tin so it’s fine w 1-2cups

Yes you can drink milo. The caffeine content is not that much as coffee or tea.

Yes, you can. Even coffee/ tea/ bubble tea also can but drink in moderation.

Super Mum

Milo don’t contain caffeine. But be careful of the sugar content

Can but do note that its quite heaty. Drink alot water afterwards

I drink Milo every single day 🤣 so far so good for me

Super Mum

Yes I drink Milo every day

Yes it’s fine.

Yes you can.