Week 6+5 days scan, no baby

Hello. I done my scan yesterday from tummy, Dr can only see a water bag and yolk sac but no baby found, I should be week 6+5 days by right should see a baby. Dr advise to wait for another 2 weeks then scan again, or do a blood test. Can any mummy share with me if u have gone through a similar situation. Thanks

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Blood test is the most accurate to test whether if you are pregnant ornot. I did a blood test and found out that I am pregnant when I was on the 3rd week only. It is best to visit the gynae on 8th week as that’s the best time you can see your baby and heartbeat with the ultrasound. As before that, baby is too small to be seen. Hope it helps. Takecare!

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3y ago

thank you for your reply. Dr advise to take blood test 2 times with 2 days apart, to see whether my HCG level increases, to check on the health of my pregnancy.

Too early to be seen (although some mummies do get to see) or you're probably much earlier than 6+5 (LMP based is not 100% accurate). Always advisable to go for a scan at 8 weeks & above. Heed your gynae's advice and wait for another 2 weeks to do a re-scan.

3y ago

thank you for your reply. hope everything is alright 🙏🙏 I choose to do blood test. result will be out on Tuesday.

i had the same issue and discovered i was actually only 5 weeks along instead of 6! so for that first gynae visit i only saw yolk sac too