Cramps at week 33 pregnancy

I am currently at week 33 of pregnancy. Just want to check if anyone experience cramps? Felt it like for the entire day -no spotting, no bleeding, still manageable but feels like menses cramps. I can still feel the baby's kicks and movement.

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Yes its normal! I’ve had it too few days ago. It made you feel like you need to go to the toilet but its not. Its called Braxton Hicks contraction/false contractions due to the tightness you felt in the stomach. All is good. If it gets worse, please go to the hospital. Stay strong!

Does it comes with back ache? I’m week33 day4 and I’m feeling the tightness, cramp and back ache. I can still feel baby’s movements also. Am wondering if what I experienced is normal too….. or is the baby’s pressing some nerves??

2mo ago

hello! yes it does. I guess it's normal! some days I experienced it and some days I didn't.